Weather Reporting.

Read the attached document to see how to write your own weather report for Radio KPS.

You can also listen to a sample weather report read by Mr A.

Weather Report instructions

Ideas welcome...

So you think you have an idea for some content on our radio station? GREAT!

Next step:

1. Share your idea with some friends and see what they think. Do they have any suggestions to make your idea even better?

2. Think through how you could make your idea happen. What planning would you need to do? What equipment would you need? How much time? Is it a 'one-off' production or a 'series' of programmes?

3. Write down your ideas to help you begin planning to make it happen

4. See Mr Ashcroft and tell him about it.

Ideas may include a 30 minute radio show that includes a few different things, or maybe a few short 1 minute recordings that can play at various times of the day. There are endless opportunities, so give it some thought, and give it a go!